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What I offer

I trained as a supervisor at the Centre for Supervision and Team Development and have been supervising for over twelve years.

I would describe my approach to being a supervisor as supportive and informative, bringing all my experience as a relational body oriented therapist to my supervisees, in a spirit of collaboration and self-reflection.

Many of the therapists I supervise have specifically come to me because of my embodied approach to working with clients and long experience of working with complex trauma. I also have a trans-generational and transpersonal prospective to offer which many therapists find helpful.

Support and commitment

Working in the helping professions can be rewarding and deeply fulfilling. However, it is also emotionally and energetically demanding and can be isolating due to to the need for absolute confidentiality.

Having emotional support and an objective viewpoint when needed ,makes our work easier, deeper and more affective for our clients. It also safeguards our own well-being, preventing us from burning out and losing our enjoyment in the work.

At present most of my supervisees are either psychotherapists or counsellors . However, I also know that complementary practitioners, who so often work with somatic symptoms in an integrative, emotionally informed way need the support and clarity of a supervisor.


As well as individual supervision I also offer monthly supervision groups in Somerset.

Individual supervision is £55.

Group supervision is £50 based on a group of 4 people.

Workshops & Seminars

I also offer CPD workshops and seminars.
Please read more about them here.

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